CHBase is Get Real Health’s powerful data aggregation and application development platform that combines clinical data and personal health data for a 360° view of a patient’s health. A development platform to connect the world of patient data and it has the following features: Allows patients to contribute data from their favorite apps and home health devices while retrieving clinical data from providers. Data can be pulled into patient-oriented health applications or population health management and customer analytics systems.

Patient Chart App

Patient Chart app allows users to view a person’s medical record on a local device (laptop, tablet or mobile phone) using OAuth 2.0 or Basic Auth (for system account only) framework that enables the app to obtain access to the medical record from the FHIR® server. This app is beneficial for both physicians and patients who like to view a longitudinal patient record by retrieving data from multiple sources, such as EMR, HIE, etc.


Get Real Health’s InstantPHR product provides all the tools individuals need to manage their health independently or in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Unlike static portals, an interactive user interface brings health data to life and promotes a collaborative approach to care. Capabilities include: Access, track and save all important health information anytime, anywhere, on any device Manage chronic conditions including diabetes, mental health, and obesity Download, print, and share important medical files and discharge summaries

PrognoCIS EHR Patient Portal

PrognoCIS EHR Patient Portal PrognoCIS allows patients and practices to connect from any device type that’s connected to the internet – tablets, smartphones, PCs or Macs. To start using this time-saving feature, simply download from the App Store℠ and log in with your PrognoCIS credentials to begin. Send messages such as appointment reminders, electronic statements, and lab results to patients Check and request appointments, view lab results, examine statements, and request prescription refills Easily communicate with patients’ other physicians without the potential delay of phone messages Post balance statements and allow patients to complete transactions within the patient portal Save time by having patients complete forms online Quickly exchange patient data in a HIPAA compliant, secure fashion.

EHR Mobile Solutions

Mobile Apps Branded for Your Practice With our mobile app solutions customized for your specialty, providers can access PrognoCIS EHR anytime on their smartphones or tablets. Instantly view patient charts, refill medications, order labs, and more. In addition, we offer a patient portal application for patients to view their health records, lab results, and communicate with their providers. For providers using our Telemedicine Solution, we offer a mobile app customized towards your practice and brand.

Enterprise Medical Imaging Solutions

Unleash the Power of Your Enterprise Imaging Strategy Taking the complexity out of enterprise imaging Today’s health systems are becoming increasing overwhelmed with everything from IT challenges to lack of resources to workflow inefficiencies. Managing these challenges at once can turn into a reactionary response instead of a proactive plan. And as imaging capabilities grow, so does the complexity of the technology. Leveraging our image management, workflow, enterprise viewer, and data analytics solutions, we take a unified, patient-centric approach to creating efficiency for your multiple facilities and departments.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Today, we offer industry-specific CloudSuite™ solutions for businesses of all sizes. Building on robust ERP systems such as Infor Infor LN, Infor M3, and Infor CloudSuite Financials, Infor’s industry CloudSuite solutions deliver last-mile functionality for process and discrete manufacturers; global and SMB wholesale distributors; and service industries requiring end-to-end financial, supply, human capital, and enterprise performance management. Infor’s ERP cloud software is securely hosted through Amazon Web Services™ (AWS®) to quickly scale, without having to worry about hosting or management.


Telemedicine Features and Benefits for Physicians: Telemedicine makes it easier for patients to access healthcare and improves patient-provider communication while reducing administrative costs for the provider. Patients can quickly schedule remote consultations for urgent or diagnostic needs. Patients in underserved or rural areas can receive expert diagnosis and treatment from specialty medical centers, it also delivers remote in-home monitoring for senior wellness and preventative care. It even supports “real-time” treatment by first responders using wireless devices.

Medical Device Integration

Integrating with the existing EHR system, applications, and workflows at healthcare organizations mean dealing with the daunting complexity and variability of healthcare standards. With PilotFish, you’ll never run into a standard, format or protocol you cannot support. We have built-in support for all versions of HL7® 2.x, 3.x, extended and non-standards compliant versions, including the HL7 FHIR® standard. We also have built-in support for DICOM, CCR, CCD/CDA, EDI X12 and more.

Interfaces & Systems Integration

Careful programming and a team of interface specialists make Orchard Harvest LIS the clear choice for “best-of-breed” integrated systems. Orchard follows HL7 protocols, and with hundreds of installations across the country, host system (EMR/HIS), billing, outreach, interface engine, blood bank, instrument, and reference lab interfaces have become routine, and the seamless integration of multiple systems, and even multiple laboratories, is possible.