Healthcare Data integration

Use our standards-based healthcare data integration solution to aggregate and consolidate data from multiple different medical data sources. The increasing ability to electronically maintain healthcare data carries with it the enormous potential to also improve overall healthcare. Collecting and analyzing data opens possibilities to further share knowledge, improve patient outcomes, optimise coordinated care processes and support evidence-based medicine. This is accomplished by comparing the effectiveness of treatments and by detecting treatment trends.

Healthcare Data Model (HDM)

The MGRID Healthcare Data Model (HDM) provides database support for the HL7v3 and HL7 FHIR standards. After loading data, the HDM is the source of information for reporting and analytics use cases which require data from multiple sources or longer periods of time. HDM includes the following features: No loss of information Complete, auditable information is stored Support for all HL7 message standards Full SQL support for query of data: JSON data types combined with SQL JOIN, UNION, CTE queries and other set operators Database support for reasoning with physical quantities, coded values and time intervals The MGRID Healthcare Data Model is the only model that provides seamless access to all HL7 standards from the same unified interface

NXT Platform

Better Data and Insights with NXT® NXT® is an open, standards-based platform that integrates health information from virtually any EHR or healthcare system into a single, HL7® FHIR®-based interoperable Universal Health Record. NXT® makes it easy to exchange and share data with providers, patients, and payers while enabling robust data analytics and population health insights. Highlights Patient Data Utilizes relevant patient data for superior clinical outcomes Data Integration Creates seamless data integration supporting multiple providers and all EHRs