CareLink® system

CareLink® system - For Diabetes Healthcare Professionals SHARED REPORTS. CLEAR INSIGHTS. BETTER OUTCOMES. The CareLink® system helps inform therapy decisions and improves engagement. It integrates data from your patient’s diabetes devices and lifestyle information from other sources in one place. CareLink reports give you the complete picture to provide you with actionable insights that can improve the outcomes of your patient’s living with diabetes. 87percentage of clinical diabetes educators choose CareLink as their preferred diabetes software.

Emprint™ SX Ablation Platform with Thermosphere™ Technology

Seeing is believing Tumor targeting and antenna placement using ultrasound is challenging. Failure to accurately place a microwave ablation antenna increases the risk of incomplete ablation and local recurrence. To master antenna placement requires time, practice, and a comprehensive understanding of anatomical landmarks. Recognizing this challenge, we sought to develop a unique procedural solution to simplify ablation procedures.The Emprint™ SX ablation platform with Thermosphere™ technology is a cutting-edge, integrated surgical navigation and ablation platform that reduces procedural complexity and improves the targeting accuracy of soft tissue ablation.


AllerPal was created by Dandelion Technology, LLC. 8percentage of children have food allergies, and are at risk of having a serious allergic reaction if they are accidentally exposed to their allergen. Today, Doctors often handwrite allergy action plans that explain the child’s allergy, symptoms to look for and how to treat them if you suspect an allergic reaction. These plans are shared with school nurses or daycare providers but are often not shared with the many other caregivers in a child’s life.


Non-Contact Vital Signs Sensing​ The OS-3010 is an Intelligent Multi-Sensor Development Platform for vital signs sensing available for product development and advanced research. It features an advanced data acquisition system with multi-sensor development platform capabilities offering a sophisticated suite of software and hardware building blocks including Olea’s 24 GHz Micro-Doppler radar sensor, now compatible with Raspberry Pi and other Linux and Android systems. Heart rate, Respiration Rate, Heart Rate Variability and more in one device Sophisticated software, firmware and software algorithms produce heart rate, respiration rate and HRV readings while under hood you will also find Motion Sensors, a Tri-Axis Magnetometer (compass), Accelerometer and Gyroscope.


Embrace2, the FDA-cleared watch that uses advanced machine learning to detect possible generalized tonic-clonic seizures, and immediately notifies caregivers. It also provides rest and physical activity analysis to better understand your lifestyle. And with fast charging and a 48+ hour battery life, it gives you more freedom to do more of what you love. FDA cleared Embrace2 has been cleared by the FDA as a medical wearable for adults and children ages 6 and up.

MACRA Ready Solutions

A Change, especially in the world of latest technology and new thought process, is totally inevitable. We are totally aware that the big change of MACRA has petrified most HealthCare providers, and iPatientCare is finding the best way to win with this change. iPatientCare is working hard towards having the best answer about the way MACRA encourages the development of additional payment models or the way it can be implemented.


A PHR for Individuals and Families HealthCenter® is an online Personal Health Record manager that helps individuals gather and use all of their health information. Using HealthCenter®, people can easily collect data from doctors, hospitals, and labs, add data of their own, communicate securely with providers, and use all of the information to manage to their health. SECURE MESSAGING Exchange secure messages between doctors and patients EDUCATIONAL HEALTH MATERIALS

Financial services (RCM/medical billing)

Financial services (RCM/medical billing) NextGen® Financial Suite is a revenue-boosting platform that includes revenue cycle management (RCM) services and medical billing services, which combine innovative technology and billing expertise to help your practice collect every dollar you earn. With it, you can free up resources to focus on higher-value activities and reduce administrative costs. RCM AND MEDICAL BILLING FEATURES THAT LET YOU FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS MOST ### Powerful technology with personal support Boost revenue using the innovative technology and billing expertise available in our NextGen Financial Suite software and managed services platform.

AUTION MAX™ AX-4030 Fully Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer

Proven and reliable urine chemistry to meet laboratory quality and efficiency goals. Increase urinalysis workflow efficiency with the AUTION MAX AX-4030, a fully automated urine chemistry analyzer. Easy to use and maintain, the AUTION MAX AX-4030 generates accurate and reliable urine chemistry results without interruption—offering high throughput of up to 225 samples per hour and continuous loading of up to 100 samples. Optimized workflow Uninterrupted operation means operators can simply load the rack, press “Start” and walk away Increased walk-away capabilities allow flexible loading of up to 400 strips, combined with high-capacity throughput of up to 225 tests per hour Continuous loading of 100 samples and STAT features support laboratory efficiency goals.

AUTION ELEVEN™ AE-4022 Semi-automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer

High-quality results Standardized test strip technology between the AUTION ELEVEN AE-4022 and the AUTION MAX AX-4030 ensures consistency Standardized reporting reduces subjectivity and eliminates tech-to-tech variability Analyzer provides clinically significant reporting ranges for urine chemistry Automatic color tone identification and abnormal color detection notifies users of potential false-positive reactions Compact size Space-saving design makes it the smallest semi-automated urine chemistry analyzer on the market Small footprint maximizes laboratory space and allows for easy transport Easy to use Strips can be continuously placed, minimizing workflow interruptions Strips can be easily placed with right or left hand Analyzer automatically corrects misaligned strips to ensure proper placement Improved QC QC lockout capability ensures compliance Software can be configured to automatically prompt users to perform QC testing, prevent testing if QC is not performed and restrict analyzer use with operator ID lockout